Washington County Kids

Thank you very much for the generous donation from H.E.L.P., the Charity to Washington County Kids of $250.00 on July 20, 2020. Your support will help us provide training opportunities to providers of out-of-school time (early childhood, after school, and summer) to increase their use of best practices with children and youth. We know that quality programs increase graduation rates and lifetime success, and we want to see more children have an opportunity to benefit from them. Your shared commitment to this effort is inspiring.

Katie Riley, Ed.D.
President, Washington County Kids


Renaissance Public Academy Grant

The Molalla Figaro’s store was able to provide a grant through the H.E.L.P. organization to help the Renaissance Public Academy with their budget. Here’s a nice letter we received from the school.


Hello and Thank you!

This year my students were generously given money through the H.E.L.P. Grant in order to attend Junior Achievement Finance Park. Even though we were not able to attend the actual simulation in May, we were able to go through all of the curriculum in the classroom before the school was closed. I do not have simulation pictures to share, but I did snap a photo one day as we were working on a budgeting project.

The curriculum was informative and useful for the students. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity. We had fun as we planned budgets, saw the benefits and draw backs of credit, and even looked at first houses, apartments, and cars online and the costs associated with them. It was eye opening for sure. The students were extremely excited to attend the simulation and my hope is that we will be able to reschedule when we return to school.

Thanks again! You provided a great service to the 7th -9th graders at Renaissance Public Academy.


Lori McKinley
Math Teacher
Renaissance Public Academy
Molalla, OR

Skyview Highschool Donation

The Figaros location in Salmon Creek, Oregon  made a donation to the Skyview Highschool. We received this nice lettering of thanks:

I want to thank you for the $300 grant we received here at Skyview High School. This grant will support our positive Climate & Culture efforts. Specifically it will go to purchase gift cards that will be given to two students and one staff member each month. They are selected for their positive impact on our school community. Thank you again and let me know if you have any questions.
Chris Erdman, M.Ed.
Skyview HS Career Counselor & Coach
(360) 313-4227

Minter Creek Donation

The Lakebay Figaros store made a contribution to the Minter Creek Elementary school and here is what the school had to say:

Thank you very much for the monetary donation for my classroom.
Many times throughout the year we run out of supplies, items go missing, break whether by accident or because they have been used by many students throughout the years.

It is wonderful to have the ability to replace these items when needed, without having to pay for them out of my own funds, which I do many times throughout the year.

Already this year, we have had a yoga ball pop (we use flexible seating options in our room!) and am electric pencil sharpener break which I have replaced.
Thank you again for the donation, it will be put to good use!

Shawna Olson
2nd Grade Teacher
Minter Creek Elementary

Skyview High School Grant

The Salmon Creek Pizza Schmizza in Vancouver received a nice thank you letter from the Skyview High School. A grant was given to help with their knowledge bowl program. See the letter below:

Thank you for supporting the Skyview High School Knowledge Bowl team. Your money will help sustain our efforts to sustain this extracurricular club for kids who want to further their knowledge in a variety of subjects including geography, grammar, history, literature, mathematics and the sciences. Your generous grant will help enrich the lives of dozens of students who value learning and who seek to improve themselves through involvement in this club.


Bob Brands
Knowledge Bowl Coach
Skyview High School
Vancouver, WA

Straub Middle School Grant

Figaros and H.E.L.P. the Charity received a thank you letter from Straub Middle School…

Dear H.E.L.P. Charity,
On behalf of the students at Straub, THANK YOU! Thank you for awarding a grant to my classroom at Straub Middle School. The grant money was used to purchase brand new books for students to read. These new books are helping us achieve our school-wide goal of improving literacy through the reading of diverse and multicultural books. These high-interest books are already engaging active readers and the books are being shared by various students in the classroom.

We are extremely thankful and appreciative of your generosity. Your investment is helping expose students to a variety of diverse cultures- and in this day and age this is extremely important! Below you will find pictures of students with their new books that were purchased with your grant money!!!


Kraxberger Gearheads Grant

Schmizza was able to help a local middle school with their robotics club. See the thank you letter from them below:

Thank you for the grant that we won this year.  We are a middle school robotics club, located in Gladstone.  This year we have been earning funds through e-recycling.  Are goal was to raise $4,000 and with the grant with raised the funds.

Shawn Price
Kraxberger Robotics Club


Veneta Elementary Grant

H.E.L.P. sent a grant of $400 to the Veneta Elementary School and we received a thank you letter from Rebecca.

Dear Holly Earle-Schultze  and the H.E.L.P., the Charity,

On behalf of the Veneta Elementary PBIS committee, thank you for the grant of $400. Through out each school year, the PBIS committee puts together boosters to help motivate students and to encourage them to use positive behaviors in school. With the grant, we were able to buy larger prizes for our “Moving On Up” booster. As students were awarded tickets, they had opportunities to win one of the prizes at the end of the school year. The students were very motivated and they were so excited to have the opportunity to win one of these great prizes (see picture of the promotional poster created to motivate students):

1) 10 punch pool pass to the community pool for their family; 2) Slip ‘n Slide; 3) Water Blasters; 4) Jumbo Piano; 5) Water Wubble Water balloons; 6) Helicopter Drone; 7) Lego Brick Box Set; 8) Sports Ball Set with a pump; 9) Bead Bracelet Set

Thank you again!