Washington County Kids Grand Provides Traings and Advances Education

Katie Riley, President of Washington County Kids, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. Here’s what she had to say:

“We are most grateful for the grant we have received from H.E.L.P. The Charity.  These monies will be used for coordinating trainings that we provide each year for providers of out-of-school-time (OST) care for early childhood, after school, and summer programs.  This year we are providing two trainings; one on “Trauma-informed Care” by Corissa Mazurkiewicz, Ph.D., from Pacific University and the other on “De-escalating Negative Behavior” by Megan Linn and Philip Henson, Ph.D., from the Hillsboro Police Department.  Both sessions will allow attendees to receive credit toward their child care credential.  These programs help participants improve the quality of their interactions with children in their care as well as advancing the education they can pass along to the children’s parents to improve their relationship skills.  We greatly appreciate your support for these goals.”

Grant for Sherwood Charter School Provides Opportunity for Inclusiveness

Angela Havlinek, Office Manager at Sherwood Charter School recently wrote to thank us for our donation. She said,

“In July 2022, our school was the lucky recipient of receiving one thousand dollars from the H.E.L.P., The Charity Grant. Our school is so appreciative of the funding. We have used the money to purchase our school a Buddy Bench for our playground area. This bench is somewhere that students who do not have anyone to play with can go and another friend will come to invite them to play. We appreciate the opportunity for inclusiveness that this has created in our playground area and want to thank you for your support towards our fantastic school. 

Thank you so much!”

H.E.L.P. Supports Called to Gather’s Homeschool Program

Fawna Weets from Called to Gather Homeschool Association recently wrote to thank us for our donation. She said,

“On behalf of the Called to Gather Homeschool Co-op (Association), I am writing to thank you for your generous grant. We were awarded $250 from Figaro’s pizza, located in Rochester, Washington. The grant will help keep registration fees nominal, thus allowing for families to participate in our homeschool program. The grant also aids with costs of supplies, such as paper, paint, pencils, textbooks, field trips, and insurance policy coverage. 

 Although our organization is young, we have doubled in size over the past 8 months. Our first quarter had 7 registered families. This current quarter has 15 registered families. There is a tremendous interest due to a high volume of homeschooling families in our rural area. Our organization is unique in the sense it is Christian faith-based. We hold high moral standards, and our purpose/vision is to share Biblical Christian truth, provide a space for families to gather outside of their homes, a place where children are able to decide what activities intrigue them beyond core subject work; and to encourage a development of homeschooling communities local to our area.

 Thank you, again. We are incredibly blessed, and full of gratitude.”

Providing Cedar Park Middle School’s Band with Instruments

Jenn Stone, Cedar Park Middle School Choir and Band Director, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. She said,

“I want to send a big thank you to H.E.L.P., The Charity for providing the Cedar Park Middle School Band with three new instruments! So many families at our school struggle financially to make ends meet. Thanks to this grant, we are able to lift up and support the kids that really need it. It takes a village…thank you for being part of our village.”

H.E.L.P. Supports Families Through Family Education

Family Building Blocks, Rich Schultz, Board Chair and Patrice Altenhofen, Executive Director, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. They said,

“Thank you for your generous support of Family Building Blocks in 2021, our 24th year!

Because of you, children fill our Therapeutic Classrooms daily, Home Visitors support families where they live, and parents receive the education they seek to become the parents they want to be.

Because of you, we were able to meet the needs of over 1,200 young children and partner with over 800 families last year.

Because of you, 99% of the children we serve can live safely with their families, avoiding foster care and the devastation of abuse and neglect.

We look forward to partnering with parents and out community in the coming year to ‘Keep Children Safe and Families Together.’”

An incentive for Henry L Slater grade school

H.E.L.P., the Charity, awarded a grant to Henry L Slater Grade School. The school in Burns, Oregon wanted to incentivize students’ attendance, behavior and academics.  The last two years have been very trying for the school with COVID. “We are very excited to have this grant money to support, encourage and reward student growth in all areas.  Thank you again for supporting our elementary school,” says Principal Stephanie Lardy

HELPing Sheridan High School Basketball

Steven Grauer, Sheridan High School Boys Basketball Coach, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. He said, “At Sheridan High School so many of our students come from low income families who struggle at times. This is something that myself and my other coaches do not make excuses for. We pride ourselves on raising money and giving our student athletes everything they need to succeed when they are part of our program. We like to say once a part of our basketball family, always a part of our family. Because of your donation we will be able to continue to upgrade our equipment, improve the gear we give our athletes and make their game day experience that much better with team dinners and team bonding activities that otherwise would not be possible.” The team motto is +2 which means they are always trying to be two steps better than yesterday or giving just a little more effort than before. We hope our donation will continue to push our program forward in that +2 manner.

Grant helps Cameras for Kids at Creswell Middle School

Julie Johansen, Creswell Middle School Principal, says, “Thank you so much for the grant for our “Cameras for Kids” project at Creswell Middle School. With your grant we were able to purchase two cameras, camera bags, and memory cards to be used in our Photography Elective Classes and Yearbook Elective. In years past, students did not learn how to use a real camera and were using IPADS. By using real cameras they are gaining life skills that will last them forever. Again, we appreciate H.E.L.P, The Charity for granting this award to our students.”