Providing Cedar Park Middle School’s Band with Instruments

Jenn Stone, Cedar Park Middle School Choir and Band Director, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. She said,

“I want to send a big thank you to H.E.L.P., The Charity for providing the Cedar Park Middle School Band with three new instruments! So many families at our school struggle financially to make ends meet. Thanks to this grant, we are able to lift up and support the kids that really need it. It takes a village…thank you for being part of our village.”

H.E.L.P. Supports Families Through Family Education

Family Building Blocks, Rich Schultz, Board Chair and Patrice Altenhofen, Executive Director, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. They said,

“Thank you for your generous support of Family Building Blocks in 2021, our 24th year!

Because of you, children fill our Therapeutic Classrooms daily, Home Visitors support families where they live, and parents receive the education they seek to become the parents they want to be.

Because of you, we were able to meet the needs of over 1,200 young children and partner with over 800 families last year.

Because of you, 99% of the children we serve can live safely with their families, avoiding foster care and the devastation of abuse and neglect.

We look forward to partnering with parents and out community in the coming year to ‘Keep Children Safe and Families Together.’”

An incentive for Henry L Slater grade school

H.E.L.P., the Charity, awarded a grant to Henry L Slater Grade School. The school in Burns, Oregon wanted to incentivize students’ attendance, behavior and academics.  The last two years have been very trying for the school with COVID. “We are very excited to have this grant money to support, encourage and reward student growth in all areas.  Thank you again for supporting our elementary school,” says Principal Stephanie Lardy

HELPing Sheridan High School Basketball

Steven Grauer, Sheridan High School Boys Basketball Coach, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. He said, “At Sheridan High School so many of our students come from low income families who struggle at times. This is something that myself and my other coaches do not make excuses for. We pride ourselves on raising money and giving our student athletes everything they need to succeed when they are part of our program. We like to say once a part of our basketball family, always a part of our family. Because of your donation we will be able to continue to upgrade our equipment, improve the gear we give our athletes and make their game day experience that much better with team dinners and team bonding activities that otherwise would not be possible.” The team motto is +2 which means they are always trying to be two steps better than yesterday or giving just a little more effort than before. We hope our donation will continue to push our program forward in that +2 manner.

Grant helps Cameras for Kids at Creswell Middle School

Julie Johansen, Creswell Middle School Principal, says, “Thank you so much for the grant for our “Cameras for Kids” project at Creswell Middle School. With your grant we were able to purchase two cameras, camera bags, and memory cards to be used in our Photography Elective Classes and Yearbook Elective. In years past, students did not learn how to use a real camera and were using IPADS. By using real cameras they are gaining life skills that will last them forever. Again, we appreciate H.E.L.P, The Charity for granting this award to our students.”


H.E.L.P. providing teacher training

We greatly appreciate receiving the grant from H.E.L.P. The Charity.  We will be using the money to defray costs of our training programs that we offer for out of school time providers.  One of the trainings is being offered tomorrow.  It is titled ” Teacher Tested Tips and Tools for Positively Managing Student Behavior”  We also appreciate the donation of three gift certificates for pizza.  They will be used for door prizes..  We will use one gift certificate for a door prize for the training tomorrow and the others for future trainings or events open to the general public.  We are happy to publicize the generosity and support of Pizza Schmizza.

Katie R., Washington County Kids

H.E.L.P. getting technology into the classroom

Thank you so much for awarding me with the H.E.L.P Grant this year. Given the fact that this year has been crazy for teachers teaching all online and in the hybrid system, it has made it quite challenging at times to teach advance math over a Zoom session. However, after purchasing my own personal iPad to teach from, my students and I were really hoping to continue to use it once we went into the hybrid model. With the thanks of your help, I was able to purchase an Apple TV that allows for my iPad to connect with my projector. This now allows me to still teach from my iPad to both my students who are in my classroom and joining the class through Zoom everyday. By having the AppleTV it also allows for me to teach from anywhere in the room instead of only at the front of the classroom. I can not thank you enough for your generosity with this grant during this crazy school year.

Andra Breshears, Mathematics Teacher
Molalla High School