Mrs. Melanie Sprague, a 2nd-grade teacher at Orchard Hill in the Phoenix Talent School District recently wrote to thank us for our donation. She said, “Thank you Figaros for helping fund our 2nd-grade animal reports. With your kind donation, we were able to get books, posterboards, markers, clay, and other supplies to help our students engage and learn more about their chosen animal. With this funding, we were able to have our 1st graders come into the classrooms and do a walk-about, where the youngers could talk to the 2nd graders about the animal they chose for their project, see the books with amazing pictures of their animals, see a small clay version or plastic toy model of their animal and learn amazing facts!  With your funding, our 2nd-grade students had a much more hands-on approach to learning and doing this report, compared to the normal pencil and paper. Thank you again Figaros and the wonderful HELP Charity program for funding our project! We’re greatly appreciative for all of your support.”