Straub Middle School Grant

Figaros and H.E.L.P. the Charity received a thank you letter from Straub Middle School…

Dear H.E.L.P. Charity,
On behalf of the students at Straub, THANK YOU! Thank you for awarding a grant to my classroom at Straub Middle School. The grant money was used to purchase brand new books for students to read. These new books are helping us achieve our school-wide goal of improving literacy through the reading of diverse and multicultural books. These high-interest books are already engaging active readers and the books are being shared by various students in the classroom.

We are extremely thankful and appreciative of your generosity. Your investment is helping expose students to a variety of diverse cultures- and in this day and age this is extremely important! Below you will find pictures of students with their new books that were purchased with your grant money!!!