Thank you so much for your generous gift of $300 for our PBIS program (Positive Behavior Incentive System). Patrick Elementary School is a small school in Southern Oregon with a 78% free and reduced lunch rate. Our students are hard workers, bright, and talented, but often suffer from lack of materials at home to support their studies, and deserve recognition for their progress and effort. Our hope and goal is to encourage our students to continue to do their best (even when no one is looking), and to strive to continue learning and attend college, or trade school, after high school. We want to do our part to create a community of thoughtful and educated people. Your donation helped to purchase books for a “Panther Paw” drawing (Panther Paws are small notes given to students to recognize their efforts to be respectful, responsible and safe). And to help purchase recognition charms for each teacher’s students of the month (students who have gone the extra distance and exemplify what we want our Patrick Panthers to be known for).

Attached is a picture of our students of the month for November, and a presentation given by our fourth and fifth graders about the 50 states and the privilege of being an American.

Thank you again for all your kindness! You are helping to shape our little community!