Pictured is Kid’s Club Executive Director Joe McHaney & Kid’s Club members receiving a H.E.L.P., the Charity Grant check for $200.00 cash & $200.00 in Matching Food Grant Voucher from Madras Figaro’s Pizza owner Tom Hansen. McHaney submitted the grant application to provide Pizza & supplies for Kid’s Club Family Night events, serving from 75 to 200 people.

Madras Figaro’s Pizza proudly supports H.E.L.P., the Charity. H.E.L.P stands for “Helping Education with Love & Pizza.” Figaro’s Pizza owner & staff want to show their support for local schools & community by giving back. The H.E.L.P. grants will be presented for school funding to assist in special projects, equipment, school supplies needed, and/or teaching programs. H.E.L.P., the Charity announced that in the first 24 months of existence, it has all ready issued 141 awards of grants totaling $31,092.00. Of this amount $2,000.00 was presented by the Madras Figaro’s to local schools & non-profits.

As a Figaro’s Pizza customer, a portion of your purchases will go towards H.E.L.P., the Charity, and 100% of that fund is distributed within your community & schools. Please stop by Figaro’s Pizza at 37 SW H St in Madras to pick up a H.E.L.P., the Charity Grant application. Please return completed applications to the store or fax to 541-475-5506.