Steven Grauer, Sheridan High School Boys Basketball Coach, recently wrote to thank us for our donation. He said, “At Sheridan High School so many of our students come from low income families who struggle at times. This is something that myself and my other coaches do not make excuses for. We pride ourselves on raising money and giving our student athletes everything they need to succeed when they are part of our program. We like to say once a part of our basketball family, always a part of our family. Because of your donation we will be able to continue to upgrade our equipment, improve the gear we give our athletes and make their game day experience that much better with team dinners and team bonding activities that otherwise would not be possible.” The team motto is +2 which means they are always trying to be two steps better than yesterday or giving just a little more effort than before. We hope our donation will continue to push our program forward in that +2 manner.