Thank you so much for awarding me with the H.E.L.P Grant this year. Given the fact that this year has been crazy for teachers teaching all online and in the hybrid system, it has made it quite challenging at times to teach advance math over a Zoom session. However, after purchasing my own personal iPad to teach from, my students and I were really hoping to continue to use it once we went into the hybrid model. With the thanks of your help, I was able to purchase an Apple TV that allows for my iPad to connect with my projector. This now allows me to still teach from my iPad to both my students who are in my classroom and joining the class through Zoom everyday. By having the AppleTV it also allows for me to teach from anywhere in the room instead of only at the front of the classroom. I can not thank you enough for your generosity with this grant during this crazy school year.

Andra Breshears, Mathematics Teacher
Molalla High School