H.E.L.P. The Charity Continues To Raise Thousands


Since February 2018, H.E.L.P. The Charity has raised several thousand dollars for amazing charities throughout the country. Among the top, we have:

Grants Pass Figaro’s – $500 Chromebooks for math class at Redwood Elementary

Philomath Figaro’s –  $500 for funding foreign language classes at the Kings Valley Charter School in Philomath

Sheridan – $300 for a Senior project at the Willamina High School

Silverton Figaro’s – $3,240 for the hot lunch program for the Evergreen School Parent Teacher Club

Silverton Figaro’s – $1,400 – for the robotics program at Silverton High School

and Sweet Home Figaro’s – $500 for a read-a-thon at the Sweet Home Charter School


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